This is Phil Foster Park, also known as the Blue Heron Bridge Marine Park

In this World Famous Shore Diving location, people come from thousands of miles away, to see beautiful marine life . In this backyard of the "Children of Riviera Beach", there is already a deep community love for this place...It's a great place to relax with family on weekends.

In this backyard, and beach, with amazing oceanlife all around, we find far too many kids that either can't swim, or that swim poorly.

With "Project Seahorse for Kids", all of us can begin to bring about change! With this event, we can begin introducing the kids of Riviera Beach to what could become one of the most wonderful components of their lives.

With this event, we can help show the people of Palm Beach County, a new direction with amazing potential for Riviera Beach , Boynton Beach, and every other community that embraces the core ideas of Project Seahorse for Kids.


Map of BHB Marine Park


Project Seahorse for kids in Boynton Beach

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